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Texas Parent - Taught Online

Parent Taught Driver Education (PTDE) allows a parent or legal guardian to provide driver education instruction for their teen student. The student completes 32 hours of online classroom training. The parent or legal guardian supervises the 44 hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons. Click the link below to get started.


Texas Parent Taught

Texas Teens Online

We are now offering the Texas Teens Online course. Students are now able to take the drivers ed course online. This course online satisfies the 32hours of coursework. Once students have completed this course, you have an option to do your behind the wheel lessons at Amazing A+ Driving or Parent Taught. If this option is best for you. Click the link below.

Texas Teens Online

Online Defensive Driving

You may register for this using the following link. 


Adult Driving Class

You may register for this using the following link.

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