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Amazing A+ Driving was established April of 2012 by Lester and Pamela Brooks. Mr. & Mrs. Brooks are certified educators in the Texas school system with combined 50 plus years of experience. They have a passion for education on all levels from infancy to collegiate, and adults. 

They decided to plant the driving school in the Crosby area to allow students to learn how to drive with safety driving skills in the surrounding communities such as Northshore, Channelview, Dayton, Huffman, Highlands and Baytown and most of all the growing city of Crosby. Amazing A+ Driving is a stepping-stone for safe teen and adult drivers. Our goals are to:

  • Educate teen and adult drivers through compassionate teachers.

  • Equip students with safety awareness and safe driving habits.

  • Encourage students to be life long responsible drivers.

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